SPERO MELIORA is built on the notion of freedom connected with responsibility. These are two categories which cannot be successfully separated from each other.

It is our vision to contribute by our activity to the fulfilment and enforcement of the values of democracy and freedom in everyday life. We are convinced that that law is more that only a set of authoritative texts. That freedom is more than only demanding one’s own rights. And we are sure that justice is more than only formal arrangement of relations.

It is our vision to fight for every, even the smallest right of our clients and, at the same time, contribute to the fulfilment of the spirit of the law.

We wish to work on our vision as a group of people who know and trust each other. Good long-term relationships and trust within the organization as well in relation to its surroundings are a precondition for this. Our vision stands on the belief that “someone who has respect for you will do for you more than someone who is afraid of you”.

Become part of SPERO MELIORA, the world through which we can manage to make the real world better.

Together we hope. Together we aspire. Together we change. Together we protect.

And we never stop.


„aspire to greater things“