We live in the Czech Republic, the country in the middle of the European continent. In the heart of a multimillion community which, already for several decades, forms the European Union. Despite all its problems it is the ambition of this community to form an area in which the rule of law prevails. The law is nothing but rules which everyone should observe in order to avoid problems and undesired complications. A behaviour in line with the law is the precondition for the possibility for fully enjoy freedom, use creativity, achieve prosperity and pursue happiness.

SPERO MELIORA is a concreate materialisation of ideas of attorneys and tax advisors who met at the same time in the same place. We are people who believe that our own happiness is possible to achieve only by help to others. That is why we want to offer help to people in our surroundings by doing what we are good at, i.e. advisory in the fields of law, tax, accounting, payroll, and EU funds.

We like active and inspiring people. We welcome businesses with clear visions working towards their own success. We wish to be partners to all those who have the same world opinion. To those who are not afraid to take their lives in their own hands and walk towards their dreams. We welcome everyone who is, on their journey to success, encountered by any problem or complication in the field of law, tax, accounting and payroll, and everyone who is contemplating funding of their projects by using EU funds.

Become part of SPERO MELIORA, the world through which we can manage to make the real world better.

Together we hope. Together we aspire. Together we change. Together we protect.

And we never stop.


aspire to greater things