Welcome to the world named SPERO MELOIRA.

To the world of legal, tax and accounting services on the highest level of proficiency. To the world whose purpose and ambition is the support of your effort to achieve greater things. To the world that will never stop protecting the essential values on which it was founded.
Everyone who is, just like us, of the opinion that freedom, creativity and continuous effort to achieve prosperity and happiness are the highest values of human society will find professional support, assistance and protection in this world.
These values are fragile and the threats and dangers and waiting on each step. A number of the threats and dangers have a concrete form. However, many more of these are invisible or difficult to recognise in time. They will appear at the most inconvenient time. The biggest hidden threat in the legal world is insufficient knowledge of law, the binding rules of behavior, norms enforceable by the state.
SPERO MELIORA is a team of experienced attorneys-at-law, tax advisors and accountants determined to defend your freedom, creativity, prosperity and happiness against visible and invisible threats and dangers. It does not matter whether your home is in the Czech Republic or in another country. It does not matter whether you need assistance in civil, business, tax, accounting, administrative or criminal matters. We are ready to provide our services in Czech, English, Italian, German, or Slovak language. We communicate using traditional as well as modern communication technologies (such as Skype, Facebook, Twitter).
Our visions and values are also expressed in the name SPERO MELIORA, which in translation from Latin means “I aspire to greater things.”.
Become part of SPERO MELIORA, the world through which we can manage to make the real world better.
Together we hope. Together we aspire. Together we change. Together we protect.
And we never stop.


„aspire to greater things“